Wot No Crew?

A free ad has been placed on Shooting People’s mailing list for the essential crew…

Always more useful if they actually print your free ad and send it out in the mailing list, I find. Yes, that certainly would help.

Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile Andy Martin gives me a quizzical look when I say I don’t have a camera assistant yet. Or a loader. “They’ll turn up,” I say knowingly without the foggiest idea of how they will.

But just how am I going to get that film into the camera? Uh, oh.


Sandhya (pronounced Sandy) phones at 11pm and is available on Sunday, so that’s that problem solved. Phew. Everything else is icing on the cake now.


Next day…

But now she can’t make it. But she’ll help me load the camera magazines on Friday night. And she’ll try to come along on Saturday afternoon.

And Olly phoned to say he could be gaffer for the day. And Hannah can come and do sound. And Kathryn can come and do everything else, like boom op, logging and continuity. So we have a crew.