Gettin’ Wired

Sandhya caught the train. But missed St Albans Station. So now she’s in Harpenden, further up the line, and waiting for a train back.

I’ve done the titles and credits in Word which hates me. In fact, it hates being used as a word processor. Why does it keep changing the font to Times at random every so often? No rhyme nor reason, it just does it. Anyway, I nabbed some colour paper from work so I’m printing credits out on sheets of that now.

No word from Lionel. Has he redone the opening title or hasn’t he? Oh, the excitement of waiting to find out. I can hardly begin to express, to emote, to make my eyes go all buggy with the intensity of it. Probably that last. No, definitely.

I’ve got all the camera and lighting and sound kit, though. It’s all over the flat, weighs tons and is probably destroying my suspension when I drive it around. Jaffa’s buying this car in a couple of months. I think he knows what I cram in there.

Okay, time for another pint (Imperial pint, that is) of “Symbol of Free West”–Coca-Cola (sugar free).

Uh oh, phone! Gotta go…