I Sold Some Shares Today

And made 75. Not bad on an investment (okay, speculative punt) of 300, methinks. In fact, it’s 24% in six months. Powderject (PJP.L). Every year they make flu vaccine and every winter their shares seem to go up. I won’t say I can predict this accurately, but so far it’s worked every time.

Now I’ve put some of the proceeds plus some savings into some stocks on the NYSE. My first investment in the US markets. American Express Sharepeople, my current brokers, charged me just over 40 commission for buying 300-worth of US shares. I thought they were only charging me 15 (still high but cheap for Britain) but 15 is only for UK shares.

Is this worth it? Rhetorical question, of course.

I want to buy into the UK cable industry but Telewest (TWT.L) have more debt than a third world country and the biggest company, NTL, is–bizarrely–only listed on the Nasdaq.

Why list a UK company only in the USA? It’s just wrong, isn’t it? It stinks of fish. I can only think it’s because they are great (somethings)* who don’t want the UK authorities looking over their shoulders. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t make money. Homeworking is the future here and high speed cable is the key to that, among other things.

I really don’t want to be paying such an extortionate commission charge for the privilege of buying into it, though.

Gonna buy me some new spectacles with the rest of my “profits”.**

*this word has been ommitted on legal advice.
**gambling win, let’s face it.