Then Shove Some More

I’ve digitised Simon’s VHS as one long clip and will slice it up into small chunks (165 of them), then replace each chunk with my original material.

Done. It took approximately three hours and involved a bit of slacking off during work time (surely not!). There are still some bits to clean up and a number of points I’ve marked where I want to change things around. That’s tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I wrote to the director of the short I really thought was brilliant the other night, The Least Of These, to say how much I enjoyed it, what I liked about it and to put my name on the mailing list if he ever makes DVDs. He wrote back to say ‘Thanks’ which I thought was really cool; good to make contact with someone whose more or less where you are and making things you think are cool.

Tonight’s film offerings at the same festival were not so good. It was all about use of sound (which was honourable) but the films they choose were mostly sucky. The first one was like 20 minutes of a computer game except that instead of playing, the camera flew around and looked at the walls. Oh, and if I never see another experimental film with shots of the sky through trees, it will be too soon.

Ironically, my first ever shot planned for my first ever short film (waaaay back when) was looking up at the night sky through barren winter branches before tilting down to reveal the actor walking by the Thames…