Best Foot Forward

Football. American Football. American College Football. Michigan play Ohio. The Wolverines versus the Buckeyes. A wolverine is a savage little mammal. A buckeye is a kind of nut. What kind of team has a nut for a mascot? They lose. We cheer. We visit the florists to plan flowers for the wedding and we go out dancing in the evening. Cajun dancing. Zydeco.

Laura seems to want me to get all the moves right in one gestalt learning zap. Like I’m Neo. I want to have fun, stay in time and not stand on her feet. It’s tricky. I haven’t danced for ages and ages and I’ve never learned this dance position thing Laura feels is necessary for me to lead properly. Surely the fact that I don’t have a peanut for a head should be enough to endear me to any partner? Apparently not.

They give us milk and cookies halfway through the evening–no bar in the Pittsfield Grange (which, incidentally, resembles a commmunity centre/village hall in the UK). I want to learn swing, which seems to be the dance of choice around these parts. I only really know salsa. They all dance to rock and roll here. Which is nice. Unless you can’t do it. Well, it’s-a one for the money, two for the show…

3 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward

  1. Not having a peanut for a head would endear any dance partner to me, since my husband a) hates dancing and b) doesn’t know how to lead, but gets bent out of shape if I try to. Hm.

    Where is the Pittsfield Grange? I’ve never heard of it, and I live in view (sort of, if the trees were shorter) of the Pittsfield watertower and around the corner from the township offices. Of course, I’ve lived in this county for over ten years, and I still can’t figure out what Pittsfield actually is–it’s a little bit of Ann Arbor, a little bit of Ypsi and a little bit of Saline, all rolled into one.

  2. The Pittsfield Grange is on the Ann Arbor Saline Road, south of Meijer’s. It was dark and I wasn’t driving so I didn’t see where we were. But, look out! I will be driving a lot more very soon.

  3. “The Pittsfield Grange is on the Ann Arbor Saline Road, south of Meijer’s.”

    Geez you’ve been here what 3 months? Yet already you’ve picked up the south east Michigan quirk of putting an s on the end of a business’ name. Fords not Ford, Kmarts not Kmart, Targets not Target. You get the idea. I was unaware that we even did this until a couple of coworkers that had relocated here pointed it out. I’ve been working on shedding the habit and now notice when others do it.

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