Carton Capers

Of course the shipping company waits until today to phone. The week of the wedding. When there’s already a ton of other stuff to do. Of course they want to deliver this week. Tomorrow.

Yes, my belongings have been sat on a New York dockside for two months awaiting customs clearance. Yes, it’s all clear now and, yes, it somehow magically appeared in Chicago. But the shipping company couldn’t tell us that before, could they? Like when it was all actually en route from NY to Illinois. Several days ago. Ho, no. Ho ho ho. No.

Yes, it would have been far too easy to give someone a bit of advance warning. Instead it’s a 24-hour deal by the shippers. Tomorrow. Yes, that’s the most convenient time. For them. Well, we’ve sorted out a storage space for my 27 cartons from England and we’ll wait for them to call when they get there. Tomorrow. At noon.

What are the odds they’ll be anywhere even near that time?

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