Award Winning Filmmaker

The Car has won Best Short Film at the Texas Film Festival. Yay!! A big envelope arrived yesterday which I thought contained a copy of my DVD and a festival guide or something. It turned out to be a plaque. I am really really pleased. Really.

Almost as amazing as that is a story about the local cable company, Comcast. They had an offer on at the local mall to install digital TV at a reduced rate for six months if you have a satellite dish, which they’ll take away. By chance, our new house has a big dish stuck on the side. So we signed up.

Come the day of the install, Joe Honest turned up to provide us with service. Honest Joe called his boss and then refused to take the dish away or give us the discount. “You don’t have a contract with a satellite provider, so my boss says to leave it,” Joe said. So we downgraded to basic cable and off he went with the digital box.

This was kind of irritating so I phoned up Comcast and spoke to the lady who sold us the package. “I’ll look into it,” she said. And she went away. She called back later to say she was going to speak to her supervisor. Then we heard no more. Thursday went past, and Friday went past, and then the weekend. Until today.

Today, she called back. “I’m really sorry to take so long getting back to you,” she said. “My supervisor was away. Anyway, she’s very apologetic and has said you can have digital at a reduced rate for 12 months.” Wow! We were absolutely stunned. And pleased. Comcast’s sales staff went the extra mile for us, I have to say, just to keep a new customer (me) happy.

Can you say “awesome”?

5 thoughts on “Award Winning Filmmaker

  1. “The Car has won Best Short Film at the Texas Film Festival. Yay!!”

    Not bad for a banjo playing hick from south east Michigan. Congrats Keith.


  2. Just been perusing your wedding snaps thanks to a link that Odette sent me. Congrats to all and well done on the film too!!

  3. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – hurrah!

    Congratulations to all who worked on The Car – and especially to you, Keith, for your hard work and dedication.

    Always a great boost to have our work viewed and appreciated by independent people. I knew The Car would win something, it deserved to.

    Its a shame you couldn’t make an acceptance speech – knowing you, it would have been “Hmmm, yeees. Very pleasing”

    Well done Keef – and another award I can put on my CV. Just need one of those golden statuettes now….

  4. Congratulations Keith. A just reward for all the hard work your patience and enthusiasm. I expect it will be one of many awards to come. Keep it up.
    ps can I have my banjo back now..

  5. Congrats Keith, muchly deserved.

    I remember discussing the script with you over cognac in the drawing room late one night and you were insisting there should be vampires and robots in it but, as the writer, I stood firm and stuck by my beliefs.

    Imagine what would have happened if we’d managed to get a banana yellow Porsche to star in it?

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