Gary And The Bin Redux

Yes, I know this is the ongoing soap opera you really want to know about. Well, I spotted Gary doing his garden last Sunday and then he went out, leaving his garbage can full of gardening crap on my patch of garden. So I went out to move it into his bin shed, but that was full of plants he’d chopped down. So I moved said bin over to the far side of his drive then–and you’re not going to believe this–I resolved to weed and dig over my garden. Yes.

Two and a half hours this took. Witchypoo came out and helped by talking to me a lot about everyone else in the street (boo)–“Oo, him over there has the police round all the time…”–and lending me her fork and trowel (hooray). I think she was secretly pleased to see me doing anything with the jungle that was taking root. It was so hot out there, the ground was baked solid so I had to take out several buckets of water to soak the earth before I could dig. But it is now done and it just doesn’t look like suitable for anyone else’s garbage can.

I went downstairs later that evening to join my new neighbour for a cup of tea and think Gary was frankly amazed at how much neater it all looked as well as the fact I’d done it. Ha. I’ve also put small bits of orange peel all over the place to keep the cats off. So I think my neighbour’s bin won’t be a problem any more.

Anything else? Well, have I achieved anything else this week? Yes. I went for a health check on Monday and my blood pressure is down on last year (now 140/90 from 150/94) presumably thanks to karate and cutting down caffeine. I can count the number of cups of tea and coffee I drink in a week on one hand now. So, full of this healthy resolve I did the almost unthinkable and joined the gym at the studios where I’m working.

I know, I know. This could be a recipe for more procrastinating–and there is the danger that it’s right next to the bar (!)–but it’s a monthly membership so if I do fail to go, then I can cancel with minimum loss of cash. Now I need someone to help me work out a CV circuit based on my current fitness level. I can use the equipment whenever I want but meanwhile it’s three weeks before I can get hold of a trainer there to help me develop a workout.

Life moves forwards!