I had all this intellectual drivel ready to spout forth but then this other thing came up. Part of the drivel was a whole thing about going to a talk by Peter Chung, the creator of animated series Aeon Flux and one of the Matrix episodes, Matriculated. Actually, I may as well drivel a bit since I seem to have started.

Peter talked about filmmaking and how important it is to plan and direct, how important it is to have action. He mentioned Waking Life and an argument he once had with his flatmate about how Waking Life has some great things, but it isn’t really a film. It’s just a recording of events.

This reminded me of a conversation Laura and I have had a few times about filming versus directing. A lot of modern films are simply filmed and not directed. The filmmaker points the camera towards the subject, presses the record button and hopes. This is not filmmaking in the sense of artistic creation, and it’s certainly not directing. It’s more electronic visual note taking. Not good enough.

That was some of my drivel. I’d remember more but then there was this thing came up and I know you’re dying to know. Bedjump. Yes, there’s a website for people who like to bounce on hotel beds: and you know you want to visit it. Check out October 9th…